Auroralight led lighting


Auroralight is an award-winning manufacturer of landscape lighting fixtures. The California-based company specializes in lighting solutions made from machined copper and brass. Their wide array of products includes beautifully sculpted directional lighting; path and area lighting; in-grade lighting; and both pendant and catenary lighting. Auroralight’s product range also includes underwater and turtle-safe lighting, as well as mounts and accessories for all their luminaires.

Michael Joye started Auroralight in 1996 in response to the need for outdoor lighting solutions built durable enough to withstand California’s harsh coastal climate. Since then, Auroralight has risen to become a leader in the landscape lighting arena. The company has received several awards, including being one of four awardees at the San Diego Business Journal’s third annual Manufacturing Awards in 2017. 

Among Auroralight’s other accolades, is recognition by Commercial Architecture magazine of its LSL6 Cyclops micro-directional accent light as the Electrical and Lighting Product of the Year (2017). Also, the company’s knack fo producing eye-catching designs won it the award for “Best Booth” at LIGHTFAIR International Expo 2018 – not the first time Auroralight is enjoying this honor. 

Auroralight’s products are a blend of strength, beauty, and innovation. Their architectural-grade lighting solutions are made in the USA, using solid brass and copper. Their designs are aesthetically appealing with elements such as the nickel finish incorporated into some products. Auroralight also uses 3D printing and CAD/CAM software to boost its prototyping abilities. These technologies allow the company to create new products and solutions built to customers’ specific needs in a fraction of the time it would traditionally take.

While Auroralight focuses on innovation, it does so in a sustainable and environmentally-friendly way. Take, for instance, the use of Aurora Light LEDs. Customers who live in wildlife-sensitive areas can rest assured that several of Auroralight’s products have been given Certified Wildlife Lighting status by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. These fixtures utilize long-wavelength amber LEDs and have been deemed suitable for use in regions where the impact of landscape lighting solutions on wildlife needs to be taken into consideration. 

Although its headquarters is in California, Auroralight has well over 50 sales representative locations spread across the country. The company even provides a handy “Sale Rep Locator” on its website to make it easy for potential customers to access their high-quality products. Customers who decide to go with Auroralight’s landscape lighting solutions enjoy a 10-year warranty on Aurora Light LEDs and an impressive lifetime warranty on all its lighting systems.