outdoor ceiling lights

Outdoor Ceiling Lights  

Exterior lighting solutions today aren’t just about security any longer. Typically, outdoor ceiling lights were selected to provide floodlight kinds of effects – drowning your exterior with as much bright light as possible to provide that extra layer of safety and protection all homeowners deserve.

Today though, a variety of outdoor ceiling lights like flush mount outdoor ceiling lights, outdoor hanging lights or recessed outdoor ceiling lights can add a lot of style to exterior living spaces. When chosen to match the aesthetic of the outdoor spaces you’re looking to create, style is also important, modern outdoor ceiling lights will fit modern contemporary spaces while traditional outdoor ceiling lights should be selected for your traditional space.  Whichever the choice is, the light fixtures offer the best of both worlds, that extra bump of security but also a lot of style and a lot of added atmosphere and warmth as well.

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Choosing the right outdoor ceiling lights is a big piece of the puzzle however, and that’s why we’ve put together this quick primer.

Let’s dig right in!
How do you plan on using these outdoor spaces?

The number one factor you’ll have to consider when choosing your new LED outdoor ceiling lights is how do you anticipate using the space that they will illuminate.

Entryway spaces that are pretty utilitarian will require outdoor lights that offer plenty of luminosity for safety and functionality, but if they are also part of your curb appeal you’ll want to make sure that they are cleverly mounted and add more style and mood to your home when lit up. Depending on your entryway ceiling height, you may consider using outdoor hanging lights, they come in many styles, from modern outdoor hanging lights to outdoor hanging lantern lights.

Outdoor hanging lights

Outdoor porch ceiling lights that are mounted on a back porch, for example, may require a little less “window dressing” and can instead be far more functional and utilitarian in nature. Recessed mount LED outdoor lights (commonly referred to as LED outdoor recessed lights) can provide plenty of controllable illumination for all your entertaining needs. But with that, many homeowners treat the exterior of the house as a well respected living space and put as much attention to the design and appearance as to the interior spaces. Well thought out lighting extends the usage of those living spaces and provides a lot of comfortDepending on the ceiling height, outdoor hanging porch lights may be included in the design scheme to provide more interest to the space. 

Another option for outdoor ceiling lights for porch is ceiling or beam mount outdoor low voltage LED spotlights. These may be mounted directly on the ceiling or beams and provide focused illumination to the area or furniture below.

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How will you control the illumination these lights give off?

Another big piece of the puzzle you’ll want to solve before you invest in modern LED lighting solutions for the outdoors is how you are going to control the amount of light and illumination these fixtures are going to put out at any particular point in time.

Flip switch options that are essentially boiled down to “on/off” are always a way to go if you’re looking for a very utilitarian kind of result. But if you want more control over the brightness of the lights you are mounting outdoors it may be a good idea to go with dimmer switch options or even remote control technology (some of which can work with your mobile devices).

Many of the top modern LED mounted lighting options can even be configured to work with home automation technology, giving you a level of programmable and automatic control not available before.

Closing Thoughts

At the end of the day, the right outdoor ceiling lights are going to help you transform outdoor spaces that might not have been as functional or as warm and welcoming (not to mention safe) as they could have been without a lot of extra effort.

Choosing the right options for your needs come down to how you want your outdoor spaces to look, how you want them to feel, the budget you are working with, and the overall impact you want these lights to have when the sun goes down. Time spent on checking the options available to you will be well spent and the benefit will be a comfortable stunning outdoor living space that the whole family can enjoy.

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