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CAST Lighting was born out of a desire to provide premium-quality lighting fixtures to professionals in the landscape lighting industry. Its founder and president, David Beausoleil, had worked for 12 years as a wholesale lighting products distributor and landscape lighting instructor. He saw the many product and service issues that hampered lighting distributors and installers as they carried out their jobs.
His answer was CAST Lighting – a source of superior products and services to the industry. Through CAST, he began manufacturing dependable lighting fixtures and multi-tap transformers, along with a range of other lighting system components.  True to Beausoleil’s background, CAST is also dedicated to providing a complete support package as well as invaluable training to its customers. 
CAST Lighting is headquartered in New Jersey but knowledgeable CAST lighting distributors and specification sales agents can be found throughout the USA as well as in Canada and several other countries around the world. Adding to CAST’s international presence, is the fact that many of its components are manufactured at a foundry in Colombia, South America that is owned and operated by CAST.
Since its establishment in 2001, CAST Lighting has expanded and now consists of three distinct high-performing divisions.
CAST Landscape Lighting
This is the original CAST outdoor lighting company. Its primary focus has been the use of sand-cast bronze to manufacture attractive and durable landscape lighting solutions. Bronze is resistant to corrosion, cracking, peeling, and breaking. Plus, it ages beautifully thanks to the eye-catching patina which forms on the metal over time.
The CAST Landscape Lighting division makes high-performance luminaires in five broad categories. These are Deck and Wall Lights; Directional Lighting; Well Lights and Ground Lights; Path Lights; and Wash Lights. Along with these, the landscape division also offers complete lighting kits, as well as branded CAST Lighting transformers and wiring for use with its lighting fixtures.
CAST Perimeter Lighting 
The second division established by the company is the innovative and industry-changing CAST Perimeter Lighting. CAST noticed that perimeter security was severely undermined by the lack of effective and efficient lighting options. To remedy this, CAST began producing LED lighting systems dedicated to perimeter security and intruder detection. 
The CAST Perimeter lighting options integrate seamlessly with other security measures. Products offered include perimeter lights, infrared wall pack lights, transformers, and wiring. CAST Perimeter using materials such as Eurometal, aluminum, and stainless steel to manufacture its award-winning products.
Source Lighting
Source Lighting is the latest addition to the CAST family. It produces landscape lighting solutions fashioned from long-lasting brass. The fixtures are all professional grade and because they are made of brass, they become more beautiful as they age. Products available from Source Lighting include spot lights and engineered wall lights, as well as path and area lights.
Each CAST Lighting division also supplies accessories for use with CAST lighting products. The wide range of accessories includes lamps, lenses and louvers, tools, mounting accessories, and installation accessories. 
Plus, customers can reach a CAST Lighting rep by visiting CAST Lighting online and using the toll-free number on the company’s website. Furthermore, CAST has an extensive library of freely available product, project, and training videos for its customers to benefit from.