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Hunza Lighting has spent the last three decades making a name for itself in the outdoor and architectural lighting industry. The company is now a highly sought-after brand name both in New Zealand where it is based and worldwide. 
Hunza got its start in 1990 as a small operation out of entrepreneur Anderson Cunningham’s garage in Auckland, New Zealand. Cunningham saw that a market existed for low-voltage halogen lighting transformers and he went into business making his own. 
Of course, Hunza is no longer in Cunningham’s garage. The company moved out into its own factory space in 1993. It is now located in a 30,000-square-foot factory in St. Johns, Auckland. Cunningham is still at the helm as Hunza’s CEO. 
Hunza Lighting offers products in 16 different categories with each category featuring a wide selection of lighting solutions to choose from. Hunza’s lighting categories include wall, tree, and ground & deck mounted luminaires, as well as ceiling mounted ones. 
All lighting fixtures produced by Hunza are meant to be both tough and versatile. None more so than the Hunza Wall Spot which can be ordered in 316 stainless steel, solid copper or solid powder-coated aluminum. It is a wall-mounted luminaire featuring a fully adjustable head and available in twin models. Customers with specific performance requirements may also choose to go with variants, such as the Wall Spot Ultra, Wall Spot High Power or the Euro Wall Spot.
Also among Hunza’s wall mounted outdoor landscape luminaires are the Mouse Lite and Mouse Lite Square. They are shaped so that they mount discreetly on garden walls and similar surfaces. Both Hunza Mouse light options are designed to direct light downward and away from the eyes of passers-by. They can be ordered in either solid bronze or 316 stainless steel.
The company also manufactures pole-mounted lights in an assortment of attractive styles. The sleek Twig Lite is one of Hunza’s pole-mounted lighting fixtures which are designed to blend right into whatever landscape it is used in. The Hunza Twig light can be made of either solid copper or 316 stainless steel. 
Another of Hunza’s lighting categories is its recessed and in-ground lighting solutions. It is here that you will find the low-profile Hunza path light options. The Hunza Path Lite is built with a frosted glass lens to limit glare and is well-suited for use in flat areas. It also comes in a surface-mounted option which can be found in the ground & deck mount category
Hunza Lighting takes pride in the durability of its high-performance outdoor lighting fixtures. The company emphasizes that its products are made to withstand extreme climatic conditions while retaining both functionality of design and ease-of-use. All Hunza luminaires are low-maintenance and are manufactured with sustainability in mind. 
Hunza makes full use of CNC technology at its Auckland factory. All of its lighting fixtures are assembled by hand, however, as part of Hunza’s dedication to providing customers with top-quality end products. As Cunningham puts it “Instead of prioritizing speed we prioritize precision and personal responsibility.”