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Lumiere Lighting is part of a rich lighting history that stretches back more than 180 years. It was one of the brands owned by Cooper Lighting, an American manufacturer of electrical products that was established in 1833. In 2012, Cooper was acquired by Eaton Corporation, a multinational power management company founded over 100 years ago. 
Lumiere manufactures a wide assortment of superior lighting solutions. These are machined from top-quality aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, and stainless steel. Their extensive catalog of products features accent and floodlights in both line voltage and low-voltage options to match the particular needs of customers. 
Other Lumiere landscape lighting solutions include bollards, pathway, step, and in-ground lighting fixtures. The company also produces high-functioning underwater lighting fixtures, as well as projectors and sign lights. Each category offers several design styles and light sources to choose from, making Lumiere’s fixtures suitable for use in a wide range of lighting projects. Light sources include halogen, fluorescent, incandescent, and LED. 
Among the options in the sign light category, you will find the sleek Lanterra LED light fixtures. These are manufactured in both single and dual head variants each featuring a 90-degree elbow, 180-degree tilt, and a total rotational capacity of 340 degrees. The Lumiere Lanterra LED range is among the company’s most popular products. It actually extends beyond sign lights with members of the Lanterra series being a part of many of the company’s other categories of lighting solutions. 
Examples are the Lumiere Lanterra LED wall-mounted Cylinders. They can be purchase in uplighting, downlighting or combination models. Like many of the company’s other lighting fixtures, each of its Lanterra LED wall-mounted Cylinders can be fitted with Lumiere’s standalone integral sensors upon request. 
Also of note are the various halogen, incandescent, and LED inground lighting solutions offered by Lumiere. The inground lights are made to different specifications in terms of their diameters and depths with some models going as deep as 9.25 inches into the ground. Furthermore, several of the Lumiere inground lights boast a drive-over rating of up to 5,000 pounds.
Along with its landscape and outdoor lighting fixtures, Lumiere Lighting also offers a range of accessories, including both color and dichroic filters, as well as lenses and louvers. These allow for greater customization of your lighting display and are designed to fit most of the lighting fixtures produced by Lumiere. Each comes with a handy snap ring so it can be fitted securely inside the fixture.
Among the other Lumiere accessories are its low-voltage transformers and its mounts for use with many of its lighting solutions. There are also convenient anti-rotation ground spikes to securely hold Lumiere landscape lighting fixtures in place. The ground spikes also serve as a way to elevate a luminaire so that it is above any surrounding foliage and is able to sufficiently illuminate the area in which it is placed.
Lumiere’s parent company, Eaton Corporation, also offers customers wide-ranging support services for their lighting projects. This includes project management, automated services, and programming services to ensure your next lighting venture is a successful and rewarding one.