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Fortuny by Venetia Studium
The history of Fortuny lighting stretches back more than a century. It began when Spanish designer Mariano Fortuny and his wife Henriette founded their couture house in Venice, Italy in 1906. Since then, Fortuny has produced fabric, clothing, bags, cushions, and of course, lamps in the signature style that is associated with its name.
Fortuny lamps have been described as timeless, elegant, and unique. They still bear the distinctive look inspired by Mariano (an artist, inventor, and lighting engineer) and Henriette (a dressmaker and fashion designer). The Fortuny range of lighting solutions exudes luxury as evidenced by the gold leaf accents included on many of the lamps. Fortuny luminaires are produced in the following categories under the Venetia Studium brand. 
Fortuny Silk Lamps
These classic and stylish Fortuny Silk Lamps fixtures are made of shimmering, sparkling silk. They are in keeping with Mariano Fortuny’s original designs featuring intricate and mesmerizing patterns in the fabric. This collection includes the Fortuny Chandeliers, the Fortuny pendant lights and the fortuny flush mounted ceiling lights as well as the Fortuny wall sconces and floor lamps. Each silk Fortuny lamp works beautifully at filtering light and distributing a soft, even glow throughout the room. The lamps are made in several styles, including 3-tiered, pendant, and catenary. They are meant to fit into and enhance the décor of any room in which they are used.
Fortuny Glass Lamps
Glassblowing has been practiced in Venice for centuries. Venetia Studium continues and builds on this proud tradition with its glass Fortuny glass lamp collection. The designs feature gold decorations and burnished metal rings that add to their detail and structure. Each of these lighting solutions still bears the influence of Fortuny’s definitive silk designs but they hold their own thanks to the radiance of the glass and how it disperses light. It is in this category that you will find examples of exquisite Fortuny chandelier lights.
Fortuny Plain Silk Lamps
The word “plain” in this category’s name is not meant to suggest that the lamps lack style. On the contrary, they are distinctively stylish with their un-patterned (plain) silk adding a touch of sophisticated charm to each design. These gorgeous lamps are made with the same unmistakable Fortuny silhouette found in the patterned Silk Lamp category.
Modern Design Lamps 
These lamps offer customers the durability, high-performance, and functionality they expect from Fortuny products but with a tastefully added modern twist. So, while they remain true to their Fortuny heritage, the luminaires in the Modern Design category of Fortuny lighting exude a decidedly contemporary feel. This category overlaps with the next group of lighting solutions offered by Fortuny – the renowned Studio 1907 collection. 
Studio 1907 Lamps
Mariano Fortuny worked for some time as a stage lighting technician. His work in theatrical lighting became well known and some of his innovative designs are still used in theaters today. The Studio 1907 collection features Fortuny’s original stage lighting design which has been upgraded with an attractive modern aesthetic. They still retain some of the classic elements of Mariano’s original design, as seen in the tripod base included on some models. The Studio 1907 lamps are made of aluminum and steel and conveniently feature adjustable lampshades that swivel and tilt a full 360 degrees.