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After proudly serving in World War II, Howard A. Daum returned home with a dream and a mission – to start his very own company. He did just that in 1953 when he founded Hadco Lighting. The company was among the first to focus on producing decorative outdoor lighting solutions from cast aluminum. Hadco still uses cast aluminum for many of its products, such as a wide variety of the Hadco path lights and pendants.
The high-performing Hadco brand was later bought by the Genlyte Group which was itself acquired by Philips Lighting (now Signify) in 2008. Hadco started out marketing its products to commercial consumers but by the turn of the century, it was offering its custom and standard outdoor lighting options to residential customers, as well. Hadco Lighting is now headquartered in Littlestown, Pennsylvania where it produces its collection of luminaires and fixtures using the latest technology. 
According to the Philips Signify Hadco Lighting website, the company offers products in four major categories: Landscape; Urban; Bollards; and Poles and Brackets. Items include beacons, step lighting, deck lighting, and post top fixtures. Hadco also makes several lighting solutions for use in underwater lighting projects. Several of these are given a cast brass finish to guarantee that they age beautifully and continue adding to the visual appeal of whatever setting they are used in. 
Of course, Hadco also provides an array of accessories to go with its products and you can find these and Hadco Lighting replacement parts on the site, as well. The Agent Locator page on the Hadco website lets you find Hadco Lighting distributors who are close to you and whom you can easily contact for information about their products. 
Among Hadco landscape lighting innovations is the Philips Hadco FlexScape LED. This family of luminaires is designed for use in both residential and commercial landscape lighting projects. They are in-ground and accent line-voltage luminaires which Hadco describes as the “ultimate landscape lighting chameleon.” The FlexScape may fall within the small-form category of luminaires but it won big at the 2014 Product Innovation Awards (PIA) where it was one of three award winners for Philips Lighting.
Hadco’s designers and engineers ensure that the company’s presence is felt in the era of the Internet of Things with the introduction of innovative products, such as the Hadco ZoneScape landscape lighting control system. It lets you control up to 8 independent groups of lighting solutions using a downloadable app on your mobile device or desktop computer. ZoneScape works with several of the company’s lighting solutions, including the FlexScape. 
Although many of Hadco Lighting’s products have a decidedly modern look, the company has long been known in the lighting industry for its intriguing ornate and historical designs. Apart from being stylish, Hadco Lighting products are also noted for their high performance and durability. This ensures that its customers enjoy the best in high-functioning lighting fixtures which will beautifully complement any décor. The company also takes pride in the fact that its luminaires are easy-to-install and then easy to maintain once you have them in place.