In the dynamic world of construction and design, quality lighting solutions play a pivotal role. For over three decades, our lighting fixtures supply services have stood as a beacon of excellence in the USA and ranging to Indonesia. Providing top-tier lighting solutions for a myriad of projects. From commercial to residential and institutional lighting, our expertise ensures that every project is illuminated with precision and quality.

The Evolution of Lighting Fixtures Supply Services
The landscape of lighting fixtures supply services has evolved significantly over the years. From traditional lighting systems to modern, energy-efficient, and smart lighting solutions, the advancements have been remarkable. As a leading supplier, we have adapted to these changes, ensuring that our clients benefit from the latest innovations in lighting technology as designed by their expert team of architects and electrical engineers.

Our Journey Since 1993
A Trusted Partner in Lighting Solutions
Since our inception in 1993, we have been committed to providing exceptional lighting solutions. Our journey began with a vision to illuminate spaces with quality and efficiency. Over the years, we have grown into a trusted partner for countless projects, offering unmatched expertise and dedication. We have supplied lighting fixtures packages to large projects in Indonesia.

Synergistic Relationships with Manufacturers
Our success is deeply rooted in the strong relationships we maintain with leading lighting manufacturers. By collaborating closely with these partners, we ensure that our clients receive the best products available. Certified distributors for Signify commercial Philips lighting and Cooper Lighting, or other top brands, our partnerships guarantee quality and reliability.

Why Choose Our Lighting Fixtures Supply Services?

Decades of Experience
Our extensive experience since 1993 sets us apart. We have navigated the complexities of the lighting industry, continually adapting to new technologies and trends. This rich history allows us to provide informed, reliable services to our clients.

Comprehensive Service and Support
From the initial lighting quote to post-delivery support, our team is dedicated to ensuring a seamless experience. We understand that every project is unique, and we tailor our services to meet the specific needs of each client. Our comprehensive approach guarantees satisfaction at every stage of the process.

Global Reach and Local Expertise
Supporting Commercial Projects in Indonesia
Though based in the USA, our services extend globally, including to Indonesia. We support a wide range of commercial projects, ensuring that local needs are met with the highest standards of quality. Our global reach, combined with local expertise, allows us to deliver exceptional results no matter where the project is located.

Diverse Range of Lighting Solutions

Commercial Lighting Projects
We provide tailored lighting solutions for various commercial spaces, including office buildings, retail stores, and public areas. Our solutions enhance the functionality and aesthetics of these environments, contributing to a better user experience.

Residential Lighting Projects
From cozy homes to luxurious residences, our residential lighting solutions cater to diverse needs. We will work with you to deliver the exact fixtures you need so you can focus on creating ambiance and functionality, ensuring that every home is beautifully lit.

Institutional and Industrial Lighting
Our expertise extends to institutional and industrial projects, where precision and efficiency are paramount. We offer solutions that meet the stringent requirements of these sectors, ensuring optimal performance and safety.

Military and Hospitality Lighting
For military installations and hospitality venues, we provide robust and aesthetically pleasing lighting solutions. Our products meet the specific demands of these environments, ensuring durability and appeal.

Educational and Office Buildings Lighting
We understand the importance of effective lighting in educational and office settings. Our solutions enhance productivity and comfort, creating conducive environments for learning and working.

Hospitals and Museums Lighting
Hospitals and museums require specialized lighting solutions that balance functionality with aesthetics. We offer products that meet these unique needs, ensuring a pleasant and efficient environment.

Public and Retail Spaces Lighting
Public and retail spaces benefit from our innovative lighting solutions, designed to attract and engage visitors. Our products enhance the appeal and functionality of these areas, contributing to their success.

Collaboration with Top Manufacturers

Signify Lighting
Signify commercial Philips lighting, A top manufacturer, offers cutting-edge lighting technologies. Our collaboration ensures that our clients receive the latest and best products available.

Cooper Lighting
As one of our key partners, Cooper Lighting provides high-quality products that meet diverse lighting needs. Their innovative solutions are integral to our offerings.

Other Leading Lighting Brands
We also work with various other leading brands, ensuring a wide range of options for our clients. This diversity allows us to meet specific requirements and preferences, delivering customized solutions.

Accurate Quotes and Transparent Pricing

Our Quote Process

We believe in transparency and accuracy. Our quote process is designed to provide clear, precise pricing information, giving clients confidence and clarity.

Ensuring Confidence and Clarity
Our commitment to accuracy and transparency ensures that clients can trust our quotes. This approach builds confidence and fosters strong, long-lasting relationships.

Quality Lighting Solutions for Every Need

Cost-Effective Lighting Solutions
We are dedicated to providing cost-effective lighting solutions without compromising on quality. Our expertise allows us to deliver value across various projects, ensuring success and satisfaction.

Tailored Services for Unique Projects
Every project is unique, and we tailor our services to meet specific needs. Our personalized approach ensures that each client receives solutions that are perfectly suited to their requirements.

How to Get Started with Our Services to Indonesia

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