Lightolier Lytecaster Accessory

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Lightolier Lytecaster Accessory

Product Name SKU Watts Lumens Kelvin
Mounting Plate Long 3 3/8 0089L
300 SeriesMounting Plate Short 3 3/8 0089S
500 Series Mounting Plate Short 81/8 0092S
Mounting Plate Long 81/8 0092L
Vapor Barrier For 9\" Ic Box VBE300
6 3/4\" Replacement Cone 1550
6 3/4\" Wide Flange Trim Ring for 1100 Series 1954
Set of 4 Mounting Bar Clips 1956
5\" Wide Flange Trim Ring for 1100 Series 1957
3 3/4\" Plaster Ceiling Rings 1959
5\" Plaster Ceiling Rings 1960
6 3/4\" Plaster Ceiling Rings 1961
Set of 2- Mounting Bars (24\" Span), Not for use with Lytening frames 1964
Set of (4) Mounting Bars (26\" Span), - Not for use with Lytening frames 1966
Socket Extender for PAR30 75W 1968
Replacement Mounting Bar w/ Integral T-Bar Tab, - Not for use with Lytening frames 1976
3 3/4\" Replacement ConeSpecular Black 1350BK
6 3/4\" Replacement ConeSpecular Black 1550BK
6 3/4\" Replacement ConeClear Diffuse 1550CD
Low Voltage Conversion Kit0 1920LV
6 3/4\" Thick Ceiling Adaptor 1967A
5\" - Thick Ceiling Adaptor 1967B
3 3/4\" Thick Ceiling Adaptor 1967C
MR16 Socket Replacements 1975A
MR16 Socket Replacements 1975B
Replacement Cutting Blade HC356BLADE
Lytening Airseal Gasket LAS56
Lytening Airseal Gasket Remodeler LAS56R

Product Family Details

Replacement cones for Lytecaster reflectors (not for use with Basic reflectors, Eyeballs and Shallow Specular reflectors, Pinholes and Slots). To order finishes other than Matte Black Step Baffle, add finish designations after catalog number (for example 1350CL for Specular Clear, 2000 Series).


  • Accessories provide application flexibility and ease of mind


  • Replacement cones
  • Various reflector styles
  • Baffles and other finishes


  • Residential
  • Office
  • Banks
  • Hospitality
  • Airports


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If a return is approved, a Return Authorization (“RMA”) number will be emailed to the purchaser. NO PRODUCT RETURNS WILL BE ACCEPTED BY MANUFACTURER IF NOT ACCOMPANIED BY A VALID RMA (RA) NUMBER. Product returned without a RA number will either be refused or returned to Purchaser at Purchaser's expense. Distributor is not liable for loss or damage to unauthorized product returns. Once issued, RA numbers are valid for 30 days. Any returns received after 30 days of the issuance of an RA will be refused. Purchaser is responsible for all return freight charges, including taxes, customs and duties if applicable. All product returned for credit must be new, undamaged, and in factory sealed packaging. Product may not be returned if it is non-standard, made-to-order, or manufactured to Purchaser’s specific design or specification (including units with non-standard components or accessories), or is outdated or phase-out stock product. Any product returned with marked box, damaged box, missing components, (e.g. cables, manuals, etc.), or other damage not caused by Manufacturer will be assessed a higher restocking fee to cover the cost of replacements. All Products returned are subject to inspection. Un-saleable and damaged merchandise may be credited at salvage value or less costs of repairs. Credit can be issued only on Products re-saleable as new. Manufacturer may at its option issue credit at prices prevailing at time of shipment, or time of return, whichever is lower, less the any applicable restocking or other charges. Returns authorized by Manufacturer, other than return of Defective Products which are subject to the terms of Manufacturer’s applicable Limited Warranty, will be subject to a restocking fee and Purchaser will pay all transportation costs associated with the return, including taxes, customs and duties, if applicable. Product returned in original condition will be assessed up to a 25% restocking fee. LIMITED WARRANTY

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