Lumec Lighting Harmonia Pendant (Z65F)

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Lumec Lighting Harmonia Pendant (Z65F)

Product List

Product Name SKU Watts Lumens Kelvin
Harmonia, 70 HPS, Type II Z65F-70HPS-2 70
Harmonia, 70 HPS, Type III Z65F-70HPS-3 70
Harmonia, 70 HPS, Type V Z65F-70HPS-5 70
Harmonia, 150 HPS, Type III, Medium, Noncutoff Z65F-150HPS-AC-3 150
Harmonia, 150 HPS, Type II, Medium, Semicutoff Z65F-150HPS-AC-3-HS 150
Harmonia, 175 MH, Type II, Medium, Semicutoff Z65F-175MH-AC-3 175
Harmonia, 175 MH, Type II, Medium, Semicutoff Z65F-175MH-AC-3-HS 175

Product Family Details

Developed to bring a considerable presence that unites the styles of days gone by with advanced optical control. Luminaires that fit-in everywhere. The Harmonia luminaire was designed to stand harmoniously in any setting or designed space. Their presence ads an essence of the past while the high-end technology inside provides optimal photometric performance and long life.


  • Excellent performance in the most demanding environments
  • Quick and easy maintenance
  • Maximizes pole spacing
  • Increases feeling of safety
  • Compatible with a variety of project styles


  • Quality construction
  • Tool-free access to internal components
  • Precison optics
  • Vertical illuminance
  • Adaptable harmonious design


  • Road and Street
  • Bridges, Monuments, Facades

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