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BK Lighting specializes in computer-controlled precision manufacturing of outdoor architectural lighting solutions. It was founded in 1984 by Doug Hagen who proudly reveals that the company’s original designs were actually inspired by the Coors Beer can. BK Lighting has since acquired TEKA Illumination and is now 100% employee-owned. 

BK lighting Nite Star

As of 2014, the company is headed by Doug’s son, Nathan Sloan, who fills the roles of President and CEO of B-K Lighting+TEKA Illumination. Both BK Lighting and TEKA Illumination operate out of the company’s factory in Madera County, California.

BK Lighting’s long list of ready-made and bespoke lighting solutions includes floodlights, bollards, sign lights, and pendants, as well as path and area lights. They also make uplights, downlights, and step lights, along with low level and wall top lighting fixtures. In addition, the company offers power pipes, universal power modules (UPMs), transformers, and a variety of accessories. Light sources used in its luminaires include LEDs, halogen lamps, high-pressure sodium lamps (HPS), and compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs). 

BK Lighting mini micro cylinder

Many of the products in BK Lighting’s extensive portfolio incorporate one of three solid-state systems trademarked as:

  • Power of ‘e’ –  Its e-chip feature lets you adjust light intensity in individual fixtures. The technology can be found in a number of the company’s products, including some in its BK Lighting Denali and BK Lighting Nite Star product lines.
  • Power of ‘X’ – According to the company, this system delivers “near-perfect, cold-phosphor generated white light.” The technology was first rolled out with the BK Lighting Denali as its lead product, a position now occupied by the BK Lighting ArtiStar. 
    BK Lighting Denali
  • Power of ‘C’ – The ‘C’ stands for color and products with this feature focus on giving customers wired, wireless, and hybrid control of both light and color emitted by the luminaires. 

BK Lighting products come in a range of sizes. The smallest ones are in the Mini-Micro Series which includes the Bk Lighting Mini Micro Cylinder for illuminating small spaces. Larger options include the B-K Lighting Delta Star 

BK Lighting Delta Star

floodlights which are among the company’s most popular products. The BK Delta Star floodlights come in both halogen and Power of ‘e” varieties. 

BK Lighting’s innovative designs feature mostly brass and aluminum along with both stainless steel and copper. All of its products are made in the US from recycled and renewable materials and are available in a wide range of finishes. Potential customers can visit the company’s website for an interactive Agent Locator map covering the continental US and Canada.

When it comes to community involvement, BK Lighting is certainly doing its part. It has pledged part-proceeds from the sale of its lighting fixtures to California Wildfire Reforestation. Also, BK Lighting, in partnership with the National Forest Foundation, is well on the way to achieving its goal of planting 35,000 trees in celebration of its 35th anniversary. 

BK Lighting contributes to the growth of the entire lighting industry with its unique, hands-on factory tour dubbed B-K University (BKU) This is held twice yearly and attracts lighting professionals of all levels. Furthermore, BK Lighting’s Green Source Initiative underscores its commitment to making both its products and work environment more eco-friendly. To this end, the company is a member of the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) and the International Dark Sky Association (IDA).