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FX Luminaire

The story of FX Luminaire begins with a landscape contractor named Joshua Beadle from San Diego, California. Beadle began making his own outdoor lighting fixtures because the ones available at the time were not able to withstand the coastal California weather. The quality of his work attracted attention from other contractors wishing to purchase his superior lighting products. In 1989, Beadle made the fateful decision to give up being a landscape contractor and start his own landscape lighting manufacturing company: FX Luminaire. 

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FX Luminaire was acquired by Hunter Industries in 2009. Hunter was already a major player in the landscape irrigation industry but with FX Luminaire now a part of its team, Hunter made a big and bold entry into the landscape lighting industry. Hunter Industries is based in San Marcos but FX Luminaire lighting products are still manufactured in San Diego.

FX Luminaire manufactures architectural and landscape lighting solutions for both commercial and residential applications. Its lineup in the Fixtures category includes up lights, down lights, wall lights, and in-grade lights, as well as an extensive range of hardscape, specialty, and underwater lighting solutions. Each type of fixture, such as the FX Luminaire path lights, has many different styles available for customers to choose from.

The Technology category contains FX’s ProAim, PowerBoard and Luxor technologies so customers can achieve the most professional and satisfying results from any project they undertake. The company also sells accessories to go with its products and provides an FX Finish Options page which showcases the various metal and powder coat finishes that can be used on its fixtures. 

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Over in the Power and Control category, FX provides top-of-the-line lamps and low-voltage transformers. Among them is the FX Luminaire Luxor which is hailed by the company as the “most advanced and flexible” transformer of its kind. The Luxor plays a key role in FX’s drive to improve LED landscape lighting technology within the industry. Apart from digital control of zoning and dimming of light fixtures, the Luxor transformer has a spectrum of 30,000 colors from which specific light themes can be programed 

The Luxor is the latest addition to the family of top-quality transformers manufactured by FX. Customers will find that the FX Luminaire transformers range from basic on/off models to the cutting edge technology seen in the FX Luxor. That means there is sure to be one to suit each customer’s specific needs.  

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FX Luminaire goes all out in everything it does. Even its website won a design award in 2018 from the Turf and Ornamental Communicators Association (TOCA). Plus, the FX Luminaire customer-friendly website has a cache of helpful informational, inspirational, and instructional videos. These are conveniently sorted and can be filtered by product category, specific product, and even video length. 

A part of the video collection also serves as training material for contractors and lighting designers who choose to take advantage of the FX Landscape Lighting Design certificate program. The full training series is offered on Hunter University’s free online training platform. 

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