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Welcome to Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting, one of the leading suppliers and innovators in the architectural and landscape lighting industry.
In business and expanding its operations since 1984, Vista designs, manufactures, and supplies a wide range of distinctive lighting fixtures, transformers, HID ballasts, and accessories for the lighting professional. Vista manufactures products for both the low voltage and line voltage lighting markets.


Vista has a well-established reputation among lighting designers, engineers, architects, distributors, contractors, and property owners for high-quality products and outstanding customer support. Vista’s range of innovative designs and finishes are an ideal complement to residential, commercial, public area, resort, and institutional applications.
All Vista products are manufactured at the company’s headquarters in Simi Valley, California in a vertically-integrated manufacturing process that custom-builds and ships each fixture in less than 24 hours from the receipt of the distributor’s order. Over 2,000 distributor locations worldwide stock Vista products and provide local product support.
Vista’s rapid growth and leadership positions in innovative design, product quality, and overall customer service have come from listening directly to customer needs and then responding with a full range of solutions and helpful in-field support.
Vista continually gathers feedback through customer sessions held at its factory and through countless industry events that help determine the types of features needed by lighting professionals. The active involvement of customers guarantees new products and improvements match the exact market needs.


Vista works hard to ensure the success of all of its customers. No other architectural and landscape lighting manufacturer does more to educate and support professional installers. In the last decade, Vista has educated thousands of professional contractors on designing and installing reliable lighting systems for residential and commercial properties.
By providing a wide range of educational programs, technical support, in-the-field site visits, specification assistance, and contractor business development, Vista stands out as a leader in total customer support.
A Tradition of Innovation. With Vista’s intimate understanding of the needs of the professional contractor, the company develops new product solutions that are rugged, easy-to-install, and flexible in design. In addition, Vista carefully tracks trends in the architectural, landscape design, and home decor markets to develop fresh new models that are relevant and aesthetically pleasing.
Vista has been a pioneer in incorporating new technology into its product offerings. The company was the first manufacturer to introduce the all-halogen concept across its entire line of low-voltage lighting fixtures. Vista recently introduced a complete range of energy-saving LED fixtures that have a fraction of the power consumption of similar traditional incandescent fixtures. The company also pioneered the use of fiber-reinforced industrial composites in the manufacture of lighting fixtures, enhancing their performance, durability, and longevity.
An on-site product development laboratory allows Vista to continually test its products and those of its competitors against a wide variety of key performance criteria. All Vista product designs are subjected to a strict regimen of climatic, weather, electrical, and life cycle testing before going into production. In addition, the on-site laboratory assures that all products meet the stringent standards of Underwriters Laboratory so they receive the marks of UL and CUL approval. All products are also tested for conformity with European Community (CE) standards.
Quality and Durability for Lasting Satisfaction
Quality products backed by outstanding support are the cornerstone of any company that wishes to develop a reputation as a leader in the years to come. Vista has set the industry benchmark for when it comes to what customers care about most: personalized service, quality, fast delivery, reliability, design, value, and ease of installation.
Since the beginning, Vista has prided itself on being one of the most vertically-integrated manufacturers of architectural and landscape lighting products; carefully controlling each step of the manufacturing process at its facilities. This approach has proven to be a significant advantage in both quality and response time.
Because Vista performs all of the steps needed to convert raw materials into complete finished products in less than 24 hours, the company can quickly respond to custom orders for over 320 different product styles and 15 different colors.
Customized to Your Needs
Vista prides itself on its ability to respond to custom orders. Whether the need is for a specific custom height, stem length, color, lens, or lamp, Vista stands ready to create the specific fixture needed to meet the needs of the project. In fact, many custom requests can still be implemented and shipped within the company’s usual 24 hour production window, thanks to the wide range of in-house capabilities.
Vista can also custom design and engineer specific architectural or landscape lighting solutions for projects with unique requirements for specific aesthetics or performance.
People with a Passion
Few manufacturers, regardless of industry, location, or longevity, can boast the energy and enthusiasm of the workforce at Vista. Vista’s people are talented, intelligent and focused on their true passion for the architectural and landscape lighting business. Driven to be the leader, the people at Vista take a hands-on and “can-do” approach to working with customers.
At the company’s Simi Valley, California, headquarters, just west of Los Angeles, Vista promotes a closely-knit and creative atmosphere that is results-oriented. More than just a motivated workforce, Vista has the contagious esprit-de-corps of a dedicated team. This spirit carries through in the service and support they provide each day in the factory and out in-the-field.
Why Landscape Lighting?
Today’s homeowners see their landscapes as a source of pride, a refuge for relaxation, and a place to enjoy good times with family and friends. Vista products bring these spaces to life after the sun goes down, providing an unmatched aesthetic effect while adding safety and usability.
Landscape lighting provides these important benefits:
BEAUTIFICATION: Focal points stand out and become more beautiful. Textures not seen in daylight become eye-catching detail. Architectural features can be accented, which brings the building and the landscape together for a resort-like feel.
USABILITY: Landscape lighting enjoyably extends the time spent outdoors. Now patios, pools, and children’s play areas become entertainment venues or just relaxing places to unwind.
SAFE PASSAGE: Hazards such as steps, low-hanging or thorny vegetation, abrupt changes in elevation, or debris in a walkway can all be avoided with properly placed landscape lighting. Guests can be safely guided away from hazards.
SECURITY: It’s a proven fact that a well-lit landscape will deter potential intruders by eliminating dark areas and shadows that would conceal movement around the property.
VALUE: Landscape lighting not only brings a property to life, it also provides excellent return on investment by creating a stunning first impression when viewed by visitors.
Why Choose Vista?
HIGHEST QUALITY: Each Vista fixture, HID ballast, and transformer is robustly constructed of the highest-grade materials for outstanding durability and lasting satisfaction. As a vertically-integrated manufacturer, Vista carefully controls each step of manufacturing in its own facilities for outstanding quality.
WIDEST FIXTURE SELECTION: To complement landscapes of all types and sizes, Vista offers a broad line of fixture styles, finishes, lamps, and mounting options. Designers can choose from over 320 fixture designs in aluminum, brass, copper, stainless steel or industrial composites. Most fixtures can be custom-fitted to the project with choices of finishes, lamps, accessories, and mounting options.
FASTEST TURNAROUND: No other manufacturer can deliver orders as quickly as Vista. Vista can produce any fixture style with choice of lamp, finish, accessories and mounting options in 24 hours from receipt of the customer’s order.
PEOPLE THAT CARE: At its heart, Vista is a customer-focused manufacturer that understands that it takes more than great products to ensure total customer satisfaction.
Our History
At Vista, our heritage is built upon the wisdom and work ethic of an electrical contractor, our founder, Daniel F. Cuñado.
After installing and working with other brands of landscape fixtures in the mid-1980’s, Mr. Cuñado realized that he could build a more reliable, durable and better-looking line of fixtures himself. Initially building these handsome fixtures for use on his own projects from his garage, he quickly discovered that landscape contractors and landscape architects were interested in obtaining his fixtures for their own projects.
The start-up operation soon expanded into a full-time business as professional wholesale distributors signed on to carry the product line. Distribution expanded initially across the United States and later into Canada, Europe, South America, the Caribbean, the South Pacific and Asia.
In developing Vista’s manufacturing processes, Cuñado adopted important principles from larger companies. Specifically, he focused on processes and systems that would allow the company to offer customers both variety and fast delivery. Cuñado’s goal was to offer the widest variety of options in fixture styles, finishes, lamps, mounting and accessories and to deliver all of the millions of different combinations in an amazingly quick 24 hour turn around.
Using what he terms a “pizza parlor process” Vista stocks raw materials (like pizza ingredients) in large quantities. Then through an efficient process of die casting, machining, powder-coating and final assembly, these stock materials are rapidly combined into custom-made finished products in less than 24 hours. The process also allows for a high level of modification and customization which allows the company to rapidly deliver on special orders for high-end projects.
To achieve this level of productivity and through-put, the company has vertically-integrated many critical manufacturing functions that are typically outsourced, like die-casting and powder coating. This in-house control of these processes provides a higher level of quality control and delivery flexibility.
In addition to helping the company produce and deliver rapidly, the efficiencies gained from this process have also permitted continued manufacturing of all products in the United States. Domestic manufacturing with skilled labor is virtually non-existent in the 
lighting industry.
Since 1996, the company has rapidly expanded in Simi Valley, California. It now occupies three large manufacturing plants building lighting fixtures, transformers, HID ballasts and accessories. An on-site product testing laboratory tests fixtures for long term durability in a variety of weather and climatic conditions. The testing facility also assures all products meet the standards of Underwriters Laboratories and international standards like CUL and CE. In addition, an on-site training center educates designers and contractors that visit the facility on innovative design and installation principals.
As Vista approaches its 30th year in business, the company has earned a solid reputation for product quality and service and is poised for continued rapid growth.