CEWL5 Classic Engineered Wall Light By Cast Lighting

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The CEWL5 Classic Engineered Wall Light By Cast Lighting is a CAST Engineered Wall Light


Attractive wall light constructed of solid bronze with a flat copper bracket for easy flush mounting under capstones, between courses of block and under railings.

LED version hosts a fully Integrated LED source with constant current driver and excellent thermal management. LED board is rated for 60,500 hrs. with minimal lumen degradation and warranty of 5 years.


Suitable for lighting walkways and other areas when mounted on posts or elevated surfaces.

  • Solid bronze construction, highly corrosion resistant, naturally weathers to a beautiful patina.
  • Solid copper bracket allows for quick installation in a variety of locations. Bracket is thin enough so it does not interfere with retaining wall construction.
  • Bracket extends from back of fixture so it is hidden from view, allowing seamless flush-mounting with no visible hardware.
  • Bracket can be bent, removed or cut for specialized applications.
  • Light source housing with internal reflector enclosed within frosted glass lens for a wide even light distribution (no hot spots).
  • Light source protected from sprinklers and rain.
  • Pre-wired with 25' #18-2 tin-coated No-Ox® marine grade wire.
  • CEWL5CB: 10,000 hr. 10W xelogen lamp included.
  • Dimensions and Weight: Body: 6.0a wide x 1.1a tall x 1.4a deep
    • Bracket: 3.0a wide x 4.6a deep
  • Lamp Specifications for CEWL5CB: *2.5W, 9-15 volt operating range, T5 LED lamp (SL921T5200L) included.

    *Halogen Option: 12V 10W, T-3 wedge-base xelogen lamp - 18W max. (CWB1210X).
  • LED specifications for CEWL5LED1:
    • LED Light Source: 2 Cree LED's, Life(L70) 60,500 hrs. Color Temp: 2704a°K CRI: 81
    • Input voltage: 10 to 24V, AC or DC
    • Power: 2.5 watts, .24 amps, Power Factor: .88 a a a Volt Amps: 2.84
    • Lumen output: 76.06 lm
    • Center Beam Candela: 38
    • FCC compliant for EMI interference
  • Listing:a All CAST Lights conform to: UL Std's 1838 & 8750; CE; Certified to CAN/CSA Std's C22.2 No. 250.0 & C22.2 No. 250.13. Suitable for wet locations. FCC Class B Conducted and Radiated. RoHS.
  • Construction:
    • Body: Solid Sand-Cast Bronze
    • Bracket: Solid copper with two mounting holes
    • Internal Reflector: mirrored aluminum reflector
    • Lens: Frosted soda line glass
    • Socket Assembly: High-temperature wedge-base socket
    • Wiring: Tin-coated No-Ox® marine-grade wiring (inside fixture and external 25 ft. #18-2 lead); socket wire crimped and soldered to lead wire using tin solder and tin crimps protected with waterproof shrink tubing and fiberglass sleeve.
  • Packed 12/box; fully assembled.

Install Using the CAST Set-in-Stone® Wall Light Installation System!

One of the biggest challenges for wall lighting installation is the fact that once a light is mortared under the capstone, it is nearly impossible to remove. The same is true of wires that run through the walls. Wall lights must be installed during the walls construction phase - a messy process and often a logistical nightmare among contractors.

Enter The CAST Set-in-Stone® Wall Light Installation System

CAST Lightings system includes two components:

  • CAST Set-in-Stone® Wall Light Mounting Module (Part# CSIS)
  • CAST Set-in-Stone® Flexible Conduit (Part# CSISC)

This modular system can be used for any wall light installation including between blocks and embedded in solid walls, but the most common use will be under capstones. They provide fixture mounting locations and wiring conduit that allows the lighting installation to occur after the wall has been completed. It also makes repair or replacement simple without any risk of breaking or damaging the wall and fixture!

This system should be used with the CEWL5CB, CEWL5LED1, SEWL60R, and SEWL60ML

California Residents: Prop 65 regulations

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