Day Brite Lighting DW Vaporlume Industrial

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Day Brite Lighting DW Vaporlume Industrial

Product Information

Product Name SKU Watts Lumens Kelvin
4\u0027, 1 Lamp F32T8, Acrylic Lens DWAE132-1/1-EB 32
4\u0027, 1 Lamp F48T12HO, Acrylic Lens DWAE148HO 38
8\u0027, 1 Lamp F96T12, Acrylic Lens DWAE196 75
8\u0027, 1 Lamp F96T12HO, Acrylic Lens DWAE196HO 110
2\u0027, 2 Lamp F17T8, DR Acrylic Lens DWAE217-120 17
4\u0027, 2 Lamp F48T12HO, Acrylic Lens DWAE248HO 60
4\u0027, 2 Lamp F54T5HO, Acrylic Lens DWAE254HO 54
8\u0027, 2 Lamp F96T8, Acrylic Lens DWAE259-1/2-EB 59
8\u0027, 2 Lamp F96T8HO, Acrylic Lens DWAE286HO-1/2-EB 86
8\u0027, 2 Lamp F96T12, Acrylic Lens DWAE296 75
8\u0027, 2 Lamp F96T12HO, Acrylic Lens DWAE296HO-120-1/2-EB 110
8\u0027 (Tandem), 2 Lamp F32T8, Acrylic Lens TDWAE132-1/2-EB 32
8\u0027 (Tandem), 4 Lamp F32T8, Acrylic Lens TDWAE232-UNV-1/4-EB 32
4\u0027, 2 Lamp F32T8, Acrylic Lens DWAE232-347-1/2-EB 32
4\u0027, 2 Lamp F54T5HO, Acrylic Lens DWAE254HO-347-1/2-EB 54
4\u0027, 2 Lamp F54T5HO, Acrylic Lens DWAE254HO-UNV-1/2-EB 54
4\u0027, 2 Lamp F32T8, Acrylic Lens DWAE232-UNV-1/2-EB 32

Product Family Details

The Vaporlume Wet Location Industrial is a wet location listed luminiare with a non-metal exterior, housing and lense assembly.


  • Designed for areas of high humidity, water vapor, rain, incidental water spray, or other non-corrosive or non-flammable liquids


  • Acceptable for outdoor as well as indoor installations
  • Can be surface (wall/ceiling) or suspended mounted
  • UL listed for wet locations (also suitable for damp locations)


  • Cleanrooms
  • Food Processing
  • Gas Stationand Convenience Stores
  • Parking Garages

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