FSC Lighting L27600- AOK Series LED Vaportite

FSC Lighting | SKU: L27648-18W-AOK-3500K-S5
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Select Wattage: 18W
Select Color Temperature: 3500K
Select Length: 48"
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FSC Lighting L27600- AOK Series LED Vaportite

The L27600-AOK LED Vaportite is designed to minimize horizontal surfaces and latch pockets prone to retaining debris. Perfect for applications requiring wash-ability and hose down.


  • Applications: Ideal for use in food processing facilities, cold & freezer storage, car washes, canopies, manufacturing, health clubs, laundry and distribution centers.
  • Construction: Polycarbonate diffused lens and polycarbonate enclosure. Stainless steel latches and continuous poured-in-place gasket seal to protect from most hostile environments.
  • Mounting: Stainless steel mounting brackets included. Various mounting options available including suspension, pendant, and surface mount. Cord and plug options offered.
  • Electrical: Utilizes high-efficiency LED power supply and circuit boards. 120-277V & 0-10V dimming standard. 50/60HZ input frequency
  • Operating Temperature: Suitable for -40°C - 40°C Ambient when fixture is surface mounted or up to 45°C when fixture is suspended at least 18" from ceiling.
  • Lumen Maintenance: L70 rating of 100,000 hours
  • Warranty: Five-year warranty. Terms and Conditions Apply.
  • Certification: UL Wet Listed. Adheres to LM79, LM80 and TM21 industry standards. DesignLights Consortium® (DLC) 5.1 listed1 . RoHS compliant, NSF and IP65 rated. Lenses are IK08 Rated.
L27648-18W-AOK-3500K-S5 L27648-18W-AOK-4000K-S5 L27648-18W-AOK-5000K-S5 L27648-25W-AOK-3500K-S5 L27648-25W-AOK-4000K-S5 L27648-25W-AOK-5000K-S5
L27648-30W-AOK-3500K-S5 L27648-30W-AOK-4000K-S5 L27648-30W-AOK-5000K-S5 L27648-34W-AOK-3500K-S5 L27648-34W-AOK-4000K-S5 L27648-34W-AOK-5000K-S5
L27648-38W-AOK-3500K-S5 L27648-38W-AOK-4000K-S5 L27648-38W-AOK-5000K-S5 L27648-45W-AOK-3500K-S5 L27648-45W-AOK-4000K-S5 L27648-45W-AOK-5000K-S5
L27696-38W-AOK-3500K-S5 L27696-38W-AOK-4000K-S5 L27696-38W-AOK-5000K-S5 L27696-46W-AOK-3500K-S5 L27696-46W-AOK-4000K-S5 L27696-46W-AOK-5000K-S5
L27696-54W-AOK-3500K-S5 L27696-54W-AOK-4000K-S5 L27696-54W-AOK-5000K-S5 L27696-65W-AOK-3500K-S5 L27696-65W-AOK-4000K-S5 L27696-65W-AOK-5000K-S5
L27696-75W-AOK-3500K-S5 L27696-75W-AOK-4000K-S5 L27696-75W-AOK-5000K-S5 L27696-90W-AOK-3500K-S5 L27696-90W-AOK-4000K-S5 L27696-90W-AOK-5000K-S5


Version Depth Length Width Weight
4FT 3.1" 47.2" 3.5" 5lbs
8FT 3.1" 94.5" 3.5" 8lbs


  • Not all versions of this product may be DLC Premium qualified or DLC qualified.
  • Lumens will change based on fixture selection. Consult with factory for additional options.
  • Hanging kit manufactured by Gripple Inc.

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