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The Hadco LVC4 Connector is a low voltage connector for branching off existing low voltage cable for additional runs. LVC4 Low voltage cable "T" connector to be used with 8, 10, or 12 gauge supply cable.

The Hadco LVC3 Connector is a low voltage quick connector with positive lock screw design. Features include heavier prongs for a more positive connection with base ensures proper fit for single circuit.  

The Hadco MA22 is a silicone-filled wire connector necessary to protect splicings from moisture and oxidation for up to 10 gauge wire.


  • Quick and easy installation
  • Various options available


Accessories: Low Voltage "T" connector for branching off existing low voltage cable for additional runs. Boxed twelve (12) per carton.


Low voltage cable "T" connector to be used with 8, 10, or 12 gauge supply cable. Hadco recommends using SPT-3 water resistant (marked "WA", "W" or similar marking) supply cable such as our SCW500-10 or our SCW100-12. Hadco also recommends ordering the entire system, which includes the power console (maximum 25 Amps, 15 Volts per circuit), fixture(s), and supply cable to ensure proper installation and operation.

When using our supply cable, it can be laid on top of the ground, placed under "ground cover" (that is, shallow burial less than 6 inches or 15.2 cm deep), or directly buried in accordance with the NEC. If not using our cable, install per NEC standards.

Hadco recommends a minimum depth of 4 inches when burying in the lawn to prevent damage from aerators or other lawn plugging equipment.

WARNING- Mount the Luminaire in or on non-combustible mounting surfaces only.

WARNING- Risk of Electric Shock. Install all luminaires 10 feet (3.05m) or more from a pool, spa, or fountain.

1. Connect the supply cable to the terminals on the power console (transformer) and turn ON.

2. Disassemble the connector by removing the Philips head screw.

3. Press the supply cable 1 into the recess marked '8/2 or 10,12/2 GA' on the connector body. Only 2-wire cable is to be used and the common (smooth) and hot (ribbed) wires must be oriented as shown. TIP: Coat the end of supply cable 1 with RTV silicone to prevent electrical shorts and corrosion from moisture.

4. Press the supply cable 2 into the recess marked '10,12/2 GA' on the same side of the connector body as supply cable 1. Again, the common (smooth) wire and hot (ribbed) wires must be oriented as shown.

5. Press the connector cover onto the connector body, making sure the screw holes line up with each other.

6. Assemble the connector by tightening the Philips head screw. Torque screw to 30 IN-LBS max; over-tightening will cause the threads on the body to fail. NOTE: Make sure the metal prongs in the connector pierce all 4 wires.

Signify North America Corporation (“Signify”) warrants to the original
purchaser (“Purchaser”) that the Signify branded outdoor professional
luminaires identified on Schedule 1 (“Products”) will be free from
defects in material and workmanship which cause the Product to fail
to operate in accordance with the performance specifications set
forth in documentation published for or provided with the Product
(“Specifications”) for the applicable period and subject to the additional
terms and conditions set forth on Schedule 1 from the date of purchase
(as set forth in the applicable invoice) (“Warranty Period”).
Product Line
Product LineLEDNon-LEDSpecial Conditions
Hadco Landscape and
5 Years3 YearsLandscape Products: Warranty Period for all grade mounted composite luminaires, copper
luminaires and transformers is 10 years. Lifetime warranty offered on the finish for all cast
bronze and stainless steel housing.
Residential Products: Lifetime warranty offered on the finish to all original Purchasers on
residential lighting fixtures and posts.

Hadco Lighting Returns And Cancellations: 

There is a minimum of 25% restocking fee on any Hadco returns. Made to order items are not returnable. Only the Hadco items below are returnable, all the rest are non-returnable.

Returnable Hadco Items


Please click here to go to the Returns & Cancellations page for the complete terms.

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Chris Tardio

Hello, the product cracked and the second one did not work out as well. Not to mention the product was WAY too expensive.
Not happy.
Chris Tardio

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