Lightolier Easylyte LED

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Lightolier Easylyte LED

Product Name SKU Watts Lumens Kelvin
EasyLyte 4\" Light engine 500lm. Refer to spec sheet for entire catalog code. Z4R05 500 2700
EasyLyte 4\" Light engine 1000lm. Refer to spec sheet for entire catalog code. Z4R10 1000 3000
EasyLyte 6\" Light engine 1000lm. - Refer to spec sheet for entire catalog code. Z6R10 1000 3500
EasyLyte 4\" Light engine 1500lm. Refer to spec sheet for entire catalog code. Z4R15 1500 3500
EasyLyte 6\" Light engine 1500lm. - Refer to spec sheet for entire catalog code. Z6R15 1500 4000
EasyLyte 4\" Light engine 2000lm. Refer to spec sheet for entire catalog code. Z4R20 2000 4000
EasyLyte 6\" Light engine 2000lm. - Refer to spec sheet for entire catalog code. Z6R20 2000 2700
EasyLyte 4\" Light engine 2500lm. Refer to spec sheet for entire catalog code. Z4R25 2500 2700
EasyLyte 6\" Light engine 2500lm. - Refer to spec sheet for entire catalog code. Z6R25 2500 3000
EasyLyte 6\" Light engine 3000lm. - Refer to spec sheet for entire catalog code. Z6R30 3000 3500
EasyLyte 6\" Light engine 3500lm. - Refer to spec sheet for entire catalog code. Z6R35 3500 4000

Product Family Details

The new Lightolier EasyLyte LED downlight is the best choice for the money without sacrificing ease of installation or product quality. EasyLyte downlights have been designed to share a single frame platform with the Calculite LED gen 3 and newly redesigned LyteProfile families. The future-proof architecture is synonymous with Lightolier's reputation for innovation and meeting customer's needs. Our modular design allows for installation flexibility as well as time and cost savings when responding to last minute project changes.


  • 70° cut offs ensure proper positioning of optics providing better visual comfort
  • The combined light engine and reflector allow tool-free installation using quick connect technology
  • Easy troubleshooting, changes and upgrades to products post installation
  • Standard 120/277V frame simplifies planning and installation
  • Uses the same UniFrame frame as the LyteProfile and Calculte families allowing 50K+ product configurations


  • 4" & 6" Round reflector Downlight options
  • 4 reflector finishes: Matte White or Black, Clear diffuse, Bronze
  • Flange available in Matte White
  • 2-part reflector and light engine combo


  • Banks
  • Office
  • Food and Large Retailers
  • Office

**Made to order items. NO RETURNS ACCEPTED**


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