Lightolier Lytecaster Frames

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Model: 1103RS - Lytecaster INC 6 3/4" Non-IC Remodeler
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Lightolier Lytecaster Frames

Product Name SKU Watts Lumens Kelvin
Remodeler Ring 6 3/4\" Inc 1103RS
Remodeler Ring 3 3/4\" Inc 2003RS
5\" Non-IC Remodeler Incandescent 1003R
6 3/4\" Non-IC Incandescent Remodeler Kit 1103R
3 3/4" Incandescent Non-IC Remodeler Frame-In Kit 2003R
Lytecaster 3 3/4\" Inc Non-Ic Frame 2002 75
Non-Ic Frame 5 1/4\" Inc 1002 100
Uniframe 6 3/4\" Non-Ic 18W 347V 1101FR18-347 18
Uniframe 6 3/4\" Non-Ic 26/32/42W 347V 1101FR2642-347 42
Uniframe 5\" Remodeler 18W 347V 1001FR18-347 18
Uniframe 5\" Remodeler 26W 347V 1001FR26-347 26
Uniframe 3 3/4\" Non-Ic 13W 347V 2001F13-347 13
Uniframe 3 3/4\" Non-Ic 18W 347V 2001F18-347 18
Uniframe 5 1/4\" Non-Ic 13W 347V 1001F13-347 13
Uniframe 5 1/4\" Non-Ic 18W 347V 1001F18-347 18
Uniframe 5 1/4\" Non-Ic 26W 347V 1001F26-347 26
Ic Frame 3 3/4\" Inc 2002AIC 50
5\" AirSeal IC Frame-In Kit 1000AICM
5\" IC Insulated Ceiling Frame-In Kit 1000IC
5\" IC Insulated Ceiling Frame-In Kit Low Voltage 1000ICV
6 3/4\" AirSeal IC Frame-In Kit 1100AICM
6 3/4\" AirSeal IC Deep Frame-In Kit 1100DAICM
6 3/4\" IC Insulated Ceiling Deep Frame-In Kit 1100DICM
6 3/4\" IC Frame-In Kit Incandescent 1100IC
5\" Performance Non-IC Frame-In Kit 1000P1
5\" Non-IC Frame-In Kit 1002P1
6 3/4\" Incandescent Non-IC Frame-In Kit 1102P1
3 3/4\" Incandescent Standard Housing Frame-In Kit 2000P1
3 3/4\" Incandescent Standard Frame-In Kit 2002P1
3 3/4" Incandescent Airseal IC Frame-In Kit 2000AIC
3 3/4" Incandescent IC Insulated Ceiling Frame-In Kit 2000IC

Product Family Details

For all Non-IC applications in both residential and commercial construction. Accepts all 1000's series trims. Rugged mounting system with 13" heavy-guage mounting bars that extend to 27". Integral cable clamps.


  • Wide variety of frames to cover different applications
  • Interchangable trims to cover desired lighting effect
  • Designed for ease of installation


  • Available in three well-scaled sizes: 3 3/4", 5", 6 3/4"
  • Righting mounting frame does not flex, keeps reflector trim flush to the ceiling
  • Rotatable mounting bars enables frame to mounted in tight conditions
  • Allignment markings make it easy to keep a long run of downlights straight


  • Residential
  • Hospitality


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