SPJ Lighting SPJ-GBP9 2W LED Putting Green Cup Light

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SPJ Lighting SPJ-GBP9 2W LED Putting Green Cup Light

Easy to install and maintain. Kit includes: A white Flag, white aluminum stick, LED board and driver as well as a solid brass pour sleeve.
  • Standard Lead time 7-14a business days.
  • A 12V transformer isa required to run the lights. (not included)
  • Battery pack is optional. Thea battery pack comes with a charger.

  • Features

    • Model : SPJ-GBP9
    • Material : Solid Brass
    • Voltage : 120V
    • Engine : 2W LED Board
    • Lumens : 200
    • Color Temperature : 2700K

    SPJ Lighting Warranty:

    1. Lifetime warranty on all brass and copper fixtures.
    2. Selected Forever Bright LED products are warrantied for an unprecedented (10) ten years.
    3. guarantee on residential and (10) ten year guarantee on commercial use. The warranty takes effect from original date of purchase by the Original Purchaser.

    1. How does the SPJ raw copper look and will it patina over time?
      Answer: It starts like a brand new penny then it will Patina.

    2. Will the SPJ aged brass patina? 
      Answer: Yes, all of our chemical finishes patina. 
    3. What is the warranty for Powder coating?
      Answer: Powder coating only has a 1 year warranty.  Powder coating is not recommended for beach environments. 
    4. What is the warrtanty for stainless steel fixtures?
      Answer:  The warranty is 10 year with proper maintenance. These need to be wiped down at least twice a year with WD40 and a soft cloth. 

    SPJ Lighting, Inc. is offering new state of the art PVD finishes (physical vapor deposition) which is a manufacturing process that creates a very durable finish that looks like highly polished Chrome or Satin Nickel. Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) is a process that produces a metal vapor which is deposited on electrically conductive materials. The result is a thin, highly adhered, pure metal or alloy coating. The process is carried out in a vacuum chamber, at high vacuum, using a cathodic arc source. PVD finish is commonly used for bathroom fixtures, exterior door knobs and other hardware that needs to be highly weather resistant, which is why it works perfectly for landscape lighting. Salt resistant, scratch resistant, and-water resistant keeps the PVD finish looking new for many years and is guaranteed not to patina in any outdoor environment.

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